Casino Guide for beginners

The online casino world can feel big and overwhelming, where do you start the exploration?

Having doubts or insecurities is ok, good even. There indefinitely is reasons to believe that there are threats in the wide world of online gaming, however, try to remember that these gaming services are there for the sole purpose of entertaining you. Business-wise, casinos that cheat and treat their customers unfairly are not blooming, they tend to have a very short lifeline. Monitoring of the iGaming market has become better and stricter, it is for this reason players now can feel safer than ever. We are here to help you maneuver within the jungle of casinos, to tell you how to avoid any “lurking dangers” and how you can get the best out of all there is to experience. Keep an open mind and read this article all the way to the end. By doing this, you will discover the best of what this land of wonders has to offer, properly prepared.

Things you need to pay attention to while picking up the best casino

Read our casino reviews to find out which casino best suits your needs and desires.

– The casino needs to operate in your country and the site needs to have your language as an option. In the beginning, you could also go for a casino which is operated by people of your own nationality. However, this should not go at the cost of the high standards you expect from the casinos’ services. There are many big casinos that have originated in the northern countries before expanding beyond the borders. As these have existed for quite some while, this is a good indication that they are trustworthy and fair operators – which might make one of them a good choice for you.

– The casino needs to support your preferred payment methods/alternatives. You should also be able to play with your preferred currency to avoid any extra fees. Trusted payment services are protecting your money transactions and information from getting into the wrong hands.

– The casino site needs to be encrypted. To know if it is, check if the URL address in the browser bar starts with the letters HTTP. The encryption protects the internet traffic and all the information that goes in and out of the site so that third parties don’t have the ability to monitor the information in your gaming account.

– As you’re a new player you should be able to talk to the customer service in your own language if any problems occur.

– Make sure that the gaming licenses are inside the EU in order to receive tax-free winnings.

The above is the absolute key things you should expect from whatever casino you decide to play with. In addition to this, there are other special features that casinos offer to stand out from each other, let’s look at them.

Special features that vary from casino to casino

– How is the casino ranked in the reviews? Knowledgeable casino enthusiasts are spending a lot of time on different sites so that you don’t need to do all this research by yourself to be able to pick the best online casino that is worth your time.

– How broad is their game selection and do they provide the kind of games you like? This is quite essential, why would you play with a casino that has games of bad quality and don’t, for example, have a live casino if this is something you want?

– What about their offers? Campaigns? Tournaments? Raffles? Is the casino interested in rewarding its new and existing customers with some extra fun?

– Check their loyalty programs, not all casinos have them. Some casinos have built up entire adventures around achievements and prizes that you can earn just by playing your favorite games on their site. This can give some extra spice to your gaming experience.

– Live casino, live streaming of matches, slot races, duels against your friends, bingo chat hosts, are there any takers?
As we now have mentioned the rewards and extra fun, we also need to make a disclaimer, so here it is. This is what you need to understand about the offers in order to get the fun out of them and avoid possible bad experiences because of something you didn’t know you had to be aware of.

– Take a closer look at the casino’s terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of the bonus offers. Terms and conditions are there to protect both you and the casino. If the license of the casino is outside the EU, you usually have fewer rights if something goes wrong as those casinos might be monitored and controlled to a lesser degree than usual. If it operates under an authority by an unrelated third party like Malta Gaming Authority or MGA, you can report any questionable activities and trust them to investigate them thoroughly. These establishments have the right to revoke the casino’s license which would stop their operation. Read the terms of bonus offers to avoid stumbling upon unpleasant surprises. This might be a boring read, but they’re usually not that long. You should be aware of any possible restrictions of winning amounts as well as the wagering requirements of the bonus offers.

How you can ensure safe gaming?

Lastly, we want to suggest that you make some clear guidelines for yourself before you start playing. Good casinos offer clear guidance when it comes to responsible gaming and you can easily learn how to get help if you feel like your gambling starts to get out of your control. The safe way to play should be learned from the beginning in order to shield yourself from possibly harmful behavioral patterns that can lead to problems. As we mentioned, casinos are good in providing Responsible Gaming guidance, but if you turn to it after having played for a long time, it is harder to unlearn bad habits compared to how easy it can be to develop good ways to play right from the start.

Answer these questions before you play.
– How often would I like to play with money on online games? Daily/Days a week/Days a month?

– How much time should I allow myself to use in a gaming session?

– What amount of money can I be comfortable with using for games? Set a gaming budget, and never go over that budget. You can adjust your budget, but don’t ever let yourself start to put more money into gaming than you had planned on using in it beforehand.

– What should I do if I win? What does it even mean for you if you happen to win money? Is that money to be used for games, so you get to play and have fun for an even longer time, or should you make it a habit to withdraw the winnings as they come? Can you get something fun in your life with some extra money you might have been rewarded with while you were having a good time?

What should I do if gaming is not fun anymore?

Sometimes gaming can change from being fun to the opposite, and a player might notice that negative thoughts occur more frequently. A simple reason for this might be the fact that they didn’t make clear enough guidelines for themselves to follow, which in turn led them to start regretting their decisions. They might be blaming the games for their bad luck and the gaming might start to affect other aspects of their lives in a negative way as well. It is important to know what to do if you recognize this happening to you. Shut the games down for a while. If you don’t have the kind of a financial situation that allows you to put money in online games, wait for a better time to do it. If the games are taking too much of your time, at least reduce the amount that you use on them. This is for your own safety. After a break, it is more likely that the negative thoughts that you felt before are gone and then you also get more fun out of the activity as well. Make a rule not to ever play if you are mad, sad or under any influence of drugs or alcohol.

Check the casinos responsible gaming tools section out (can also be one criterion in picking out a good casino). You can take advantage of something like a reminder of gaming time, it can be set up to pop up to let you know that you have been playing for an hour, so you don’t lose the track of time while having fun. The gaming account can also keep a track of your budget and prevent you from going over it.

This was our crash course regarding the things you should know when you are new to the world of iGaming. Please read other articles in our guide so that you can have an easier time maneuvering in the maze of online slot games and table games as well as getting more insight and information, so you are able to get the best out of different game selections. Check out some details we have gathered together regarding the best game developers and read about different payment methods casinos offer to learn which of them work best for you.

Have a great time and enjoy all the new experiences within entertainment that online casinos have to offer!

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