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Online casino games, like slots and table games, are a great past-time, but everything is more fun if you understand at least the basics of the rules of the games. We provide short descriptions on how to play the following games but remember to always read the rules on the casino’s site in that case that you might be entering into some sort of variation of the game. Online casinos selection is much wider than what land-based casinos can offer.


Most online slot machines are designed to look identical to physical arcade slots, but they are very different. There are no reels with a limited number of symbols drawn around them, instead, there is a computer raffling a combination of different symbols that appear on the screen. The RNG, Random Number Generator, determines when the slot gives a win or not. The symbol combinations that appear are picked from thousands of possible combinations that in turn generates the exact winning amount. Proper slot machines give out a predetermined return percentage that is calculated from the total bets that has been placed on the slot within a certain period. However, nobody can predict when a winning round will appear in a slot. The theoretical return percentage of a slot machine can be more than 95% but it is important to understand that wins are raffled between all the game rounds that are played. This means rounds played by others as well as yourself, hence, there is no individual percentage that decides how much you should win, winning happens completely randomly for everyone. The slot machine doesn’t know whether you have won or lost on your previous round, so it is possible to get a winning streak where winning combinations hit you one after the other. At the same time, it is just as likely for you not to get anything out of the machine for quite some time. High variance slot machine has been set to give out bigger winnings on rare occasions whilst low variance slots have been set to trigger lower amounts of winnings more often. Both these machines can have the same percentage in RTP (Return to Player). Jackpot slots tend to be of high variance.

How to play online slots?

First, you need to choose a bet amount. Start by choosing a coin value. As slots often have multiple bet levels, you can easily raise and lower your bet during the game round. Raising the bet level is like adding more coins to a pay line, which raises your total bet of the game round. Look at how many pay lines you want to activate each time. More active pay lines make the bet more expensive, in return, this gives you a bigger chance of landing winning combinations on the reels. Some slots also have all pay lines permanently activated. Adjust the bet amount with how the coin value gets multiplied with the bet level and the amount of chosen pay lines to choose the ideal bet amount for each game round. This should always be an amount you are comfortable with playing on a push of a button as you start a game round.

Check the paytable to see which symbols have the highest value. If the slot has a bonus game, check how many scatter symbols you need to trigger it. If the scatters award free spins, check if more scatters award more spins. At last, check all the special symbols and features in the game to be sure you understand the rules and know how winnings are calculated.

Decide if you want to play a high or a low variance slot. Are you interested in the possibility of bigger wins and the chance of hitting a big jackpot? High variance game means a bigger risk is involved. Low variance slots is a good option for passing time as it involves low risk. Bear in mind that your balance often will run out in the long run even though your balance happily bounces up and down at a comfortable pace for a long time. This due to the fact that the machine will end up evening out the winnings. The RTP will never be a full 100% or over.

There is no strategy when it comes to playing slot. With that being said, it is good to be aware that some games have different RTP’s for higher and lower stakes, so your chances of winning a jackpot increases when you are playing with a high bet. Don’t worry if you don’t have the money to play with maximum bets (they can be as high as 50€ or 100€), you can hit a jackpot with a low bet amount as well. Don’t let the winnings be your only motivation in the games. If you do it can become discouraging to see other lucky players getting big wins whilst you don’t.

What to do if problems occur?

What if you are sure that you won, but you didn’t receive the payout? One good idea is taking a screenshot of the result on the game round. Then check the rules and the paytable to see which pay lines you had activated in the round. It is likely that some symbol combinations need to start from the leftmost reel to generate a win, meaning that the same symbols elsewhere on the reels won’t trigger a win. If you can’t see why you didn’t win, send that screenshot to the casino’s customer service. They want to help you in understanding the rules of games and if there, in fact, was a mistake, they have a chance of helping you out.

Bear in mind that in cases where game dysfunction, the terms and conditions are most likely to protect the casino. If the game doesn’t work properly, the possible win, keyword being possible, might be nullified. In other words, if the payout didn’t happen, you didn’t win. You are most likely disappointed, but the game, in this case, will be taken off the site for reparations and at least you are part of making sure that the same incident won’t happen to fellow players. It does pay out to inform the casino of possible errors, and a good customer service should reward you in an appropriate way that suits the situation. Sometimes you might be lucky and receive some bonus money or free spins. Don’t expect to be rewarded with cash as they can’t. This is for the reason that when they have informed you that you didn’t win, such an act could be considered contradicting.


Blackjack is a famous online casino game. The objective of the game is to draw cards that add up to 21 or as close as possible without going over. The face cards are tens, and an ace can be 1 or 11. If you get two of the same number, you get a chance to split your hand to two bets, which can increase your chances of getting a good hand. On a live casino, you play against the croupier/dealer. On a multi-hand game, you can play with several bets/hands on the same round.

Playing blackjack online has its benefits, one being the many campaigns and offers that land-based casinos don’t offer.  Blackjack as an online casino game has numerous variations such as Perfect Pairs, Spanish 21, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Chinese Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack, European Blackjack etc.


In Baccarat the objective is to draw a card as close to 9 as possible while cards like 10, jack, queen and king cards have a value of zero and an ace has a value of 1. Online baccarat is one of the easiest table games to play. All you need to do is try to predict which of the two hands dealt to the player and the banker, is the closest to 9. If the total value is under 5, another card will be dealt. The game also has an option for a tie game in case the cards have the same value. If the value of the hand goes over 9, for example, 6+7=13, you will need to drop the first number to get the real value of the hand which in this case would be 3. If you can guess who gets closer to 9, you win the game!


There are many variations of Roulette when you play it as an online casino game since most land-based casinos usually just offer one version of the game. Some of the variations are Live Roulette (online only), European Roulette, French Roulette, 3D Roulette, Multi-Ball Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette etc.

You have time to place your bets trying to predict the number that the ball lands on the Roulette Wheel until the croupier shows a hand sign and tells that you can place more bets. Bets are placed by adding chips on the game board.

The pay rate of the bet depends on the placement of the chips: Straight bet 35:1 means that your chips are on a singular number and 35:1 means that you win 35 + you get the 1 you bet back so in total 36 chips to you. Column Bet 2:1 means that you bet that the number is in the chosen one of the three columns of the board, Dozen bet 2:1 means that the number is in the chosen one of the three “dozen number groups” on the board) You can also bet on a color (red or black), even or uneven number, or a number range (big or small) all pay 1:1. You can make split bets, so you bet on two numbers with the same chips and doing so, you also split the pay rate to 17:1. You can place a street bet, so you have three numbers covered with the same chips 11:1 or a corner bet that covers four numbers with the same principle of splitting the pay rate to 8:1. Even two rows of total 6 numbers is possible at 5:1. You can bet on several numbers with the same chips in a certain few places on the game board. You are of course welcome to place several chips on different numbers and options on the board during the same round. The more specific/accurate your bet is, the more it pays if you guess right. This sure is a game with a lot of excitement!


Poker is played against other players at the table. Your objective is to get the best hand with the cards dealt to you with the common cards that the dealer reveals one after the other. There are many variations of poker, here we will look at Texas Hold’em more closely as it is a popular game that is likely to be available in most online casinos that offer table games.

The first three cards revealed on the table is called Flop, the fourth card is called Turn and the last card is called River. You get to choose to match the bet to be in the game or fold to try your luck in the next round. You can also raise the bet and see if others want to do the same to remain in the game. Later you can choose to call, raise or fold.

Blinds are bets that need to be placed before seeing any cards, the turn to pay the big blind and small (half of the table minimum bet) blind is moving clockwise around the table. The player with the best hand wins the prize pool that consists of bets collected during the round. You need to see the table of hands to know which card combinations are the most valuable ones. In addition to luck, poker is a game of strategy. Developing skills within poker might be beneficial financially. Poker professionals can make a living in playing in live and online tournaments. We suggest that you play for fun, so winning money while having a good time can work as a nice addition to the gaming experience instead of just giving you pressure to perform well.


We hope this article helped you to understand some basics so you get to enjoy online casino games to the max. We recommend playing table games on a live casino in the beginning since the live dealers can help you understand rules even better to ensure you get hang of the games. Have a good time and make sure to enjoy any future articles on Hall of Games, we are passionate about the world of casinos and will continue writing content that interests players.

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